Dental Implant Facts

A dental implant is probably the best option that you can buy. It can help you reclaim your smile and continue eating the food that you love. We have gathered three facts about dental implants that we believe you may want to know before you go for it.

1. Dental Implant can prevent any further tooth loss

Have you ever thought about the danger of losing a single tooth? Maybe yes, maybe no but if you lose a single tooth, that may be the beginning of losing your jawbone. The worst can happen if you don’t replace the tooth that you lost. The bone loss that you suffer may cause the adjacent tooth to become loose and drift out of position. If the trend continues, you will end up losing more teeth and more bone. You can easily preserve the bone by placing a dental crown on a dental implant. The crown helps to protect and maintain the adjacent teeth.

2. Dental implants allow you to eat everything

You probably quit eating certain foods due to traditional dentures. In some cases, it takes you a little longer to chew the food before swallowing it. Dental implants generate a force close to that of natural teeth. In fact, once you have a dental implant, you can decide to eat anything that you like without the fear of your dentures slipping loose while chewing.

3. Dental Implants are good for your bone

A dental implant is especially useful to your jawbone. Biologically, your bones are made up of cells. As older cells die, new ones are generated to replace them. This is the reason why you can heal when you experience a broken bone.

The same thing happens with your jawbone. Your teeth are responsible for providing continuous stimulation which ensures that there is continuous growth hence keeping your jaw strong and healthy. A dental implant is like a set of “new” and more solid jawbone.

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