Dental Implants

Dentistry has come a very long way in the past few decades and new dental implants are easier and faster than ever before. So how do you know if you need dental implants? This is easier answered than you might imagine. Here are three indicators that dental implants may be right for you and for your individual situation.

  1. Single Tooth Loss– losing one tooth does not necessarily mean that you need dentures or a plate or any other drastic measure. Often, when one tooth is all that is lost and all the other teeth are strong and deeply rooted, an implant can restore your smile quickly and easily without extensive dental work.
  2. Tooth Removal or Restructuring– for those that have a jaw bone or jaw structure that makes their teeth uneven, crooked, or otherwise unfixable with something like caps or crowns, dental implants may be the right option. Implants can completely restructure your mouth without having to do any reshaping to the jaw bone. New implants can be placed so that your smile is even without any major dental work.
  3. Tooth Replacement- if you are looking to have a completely new smile and dentures or plates are not your style, dental implants are a permanent option that can truly make a difference. Using something like dental implants in place of dentures is a permanent solution that may be best for those that really want perfect teeth that will not require any extra maintenance aside from normal brushing.

Dental implants are a great way to get a perfect smile and with the right dentist, you can have dental implants that fit your face and your budget. At New You Dental, we can guarantee that! Contact our office today and schedule your appointment, we will find you the affordable implant procedure you need.

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