Although there has been an ongoing debate on whether flossing is truly necessary, to disregard flossing your teeth can spiral into dire consequences. Listed below are some of the reasons you need to have this dental tool as a weapon in your arsenal for saving your pearly whites.

Plaque – Known as a substance that leaves a film of mucus on your teeth swarming with bacteria that can cause tooth decay, this yellow sticky debris can hide in places that brushing can not reach.

The bacteria in plaque develop into acid, which can cause a breakdown or demineralization of the teeth’s dentin. This same element can also accumulate in the region of the gums wreaking more havoc on your oral health.

Gingivitis – Under the umbrella of periodontal disease, gingivitis is the result of plaque collecting, undisturbed by flossing, around the gums. This eventually manifest in red, swollen and irritated gums. This process can extend further into the infected gums forming pockets, allowing more pathogens to develop. There might be bleeding and pain, but sometimes, these particular symptoms might not present.

Pyorrhea – The advanced case of gingivitis will progress to a disease known as periodontitis or pyorrhea. Bone structures become loose around the teeth, threatening the loss of teeth. Inflammation and pus pockets manifest and the individual usually has problems consuming regular food. Left untreated, a trip to an oral surgeon to control bone loss or dentures could be a part of this individual future.

As you can see, to keep your teeth in the best of shape, it would be wise to consider flossing at least one time a day. This action will lower the risk of experiencing periodontal diseases, as well as the agony and social distress having unhealthy teeth can produce.

Using dental floss – The American Dental Association (ADA), states it does not matter what time of day you use floss, just make sure you do a thorough job of cleaning. On their website, you can follow their 5-Step to Flawless Flossing, so you can maintain your smile for a lifetime.

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